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PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain

We have with us rich industry experience in successfully handling the emerging market demands of PVC Strip Curtains. These serves as best possible option to maintain inside room temperature, dividing work areas, reducing dust as well as in controlling exterior noise from coming in, these low temperature PVC strips are designed to offer clear as well as safe passage by either forklifts or for pedestrian use. Further, these energy efficient strip curtains can also be used in applications like in freezers or coolers.

Some of the added advantages of these strip curtains include:
Easy to cleanAdd visual safety
Reduces noiseand smoke
Controlling privacyControlling temperatures
Fit for warehouse, cooler and freezer door applications

Some of the industry areas these are used in include:
Food processing mills for reducing dustManufacturing plants for reducing noise
Cold storage facilitiesPharmaceutical dispensary
Vegetable wash stationsDistribution warehouses
Conveyor systemsDebris containment
Wash down cubiclesExhaust control

Standard Dimensions
Screenflex (Welding)Description
< 13Visible light quantity transmitted through the material.
80Index based on a flat indenter's penetration depth. Scale from 0 (Soft) to 100 (Hard).
55Minimum tensile stress required to tear a pre-slit sample.
18Maximum tensile stress that a material can be subjected to before break.
300Elongation of the specimen at the break point under tensile stress.
62Permanent elongation of the specimen measured after rupture in a tensile test.
0,16Ability to conduct heat. The Lower it is, the more insulation.
-25Temperature at which the specimen break under torsion stress. Brittle point (CLASH BERG).
-15 +50Temperature range where material keep its mechanical properties (flexibility).
50Temperature at which the specimen is penetrated to a depth of 1 mm by a 1 kg flat indenter of 1 sq. mm.
1,6Heat energy required to increase the temperature of one kilogram of the material by one degree Celsius.
>35Average sound level (freq. 0,1 to 3,2 kHz) decreased by a 1,76 sq.m. and 5 mm thick PVC curtain.
EN 1598*Standard classification of material self-extinguishing and resistance to combustion.
Filter*Ability to filter welding rays allowing the use of this material as a welding protection screen.
HighAbility to resist to UV (Sun, welding arc).
YesEarthed sample is rubbed with cotton, acrylic and nylon rubbers. At electrode approach, spark appears or doesn't.
4.1013Material surface electric resistivity measured with a 500 V direct voltage.
-o,2Material mass variation after exposure to humid conditions. (<0 if released / >0 if absorbed) Special ability
NoSpecial ability to keep insects away.(Food processing plants, tropical regions)
1,22 to 1,33Mass per unit volume.
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